Promote Your Tour Company

Your company is automatically promoted at fundraising events. We provide events with color flyers that feature your photo, logo, tour details, and contact information. You'll enjoy automated promotion to affluent supporters of nonprofits (who are potential future clients).

Automatically generated promotional flyer

"I'm excited about this new program. I plan to introduce it to all tour operators. Great idea!"

- Dennis Payne, Tour Industry Expert
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Certificate includes redemption code

Save Time / Save Money

Fully automated. You decide how many certificates that you would like to issue. Party size, length of stay, tour details, etc. We handle the rest. When a charity asks you for help, you now have an easy answer for them. No more spending time preparing expensive promotional packages or printing certificates.

Increase Revenue

Use certificates to fill periods of the year that are known to be slow. In some cases, you’ll collect half of the proceeds, plus winning bidders are very likely to purchase add-ons, upgrades, extensions and also are likely to reward excellent service with a sizeable gratuity. Don’t let a spot on your tour sit empty!